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Amplify artists and share in their success.
Catapult your musical career by rallying support from fans.

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Amplify artists

Create live streams and videos showcasing and recommending emerging artists you find promising—and their music.

Share in their success

Take pride in supporting artists early on and share in their financial success based on how soon and how far you’re able to propel them.

Earn Beats and collect music royalties

Earn Beats linked to an artist based on how much time others spend watching your campaigns for that artist.

Beats give you participation in music royalty splits that the artist may assign to the Enumma ecosystem over time.

Because we want to encourage early artist discovery and support, earning Beats linked to an artists gets harder as support that artist builds up.

Play music your way

Play tracks or covers of songs from catalogs approved by the artists you want to amplify. Built-in music player. No time limits.

Spread your influence

Spread your live streams and videos to platforms integrated with Enumma. Earn Beats based on their performance there too.

Are you great at spotting talent early on?

A game changer for artists.

Rally support from fans who want to see you shine and shine together with you

Fans do promotion for you so you can spend more time making music and performing live

How it works

Fans can showcase and recommend music you make available to them. They earn Beats based on the timing and performance of their campaigns. Beats accord them participation in music royalty splits that you may choose to assign to the Enumma ecosystem over time.

Bridge your music

Connect and pull in your music from your distributor. This way fans can feature your music on their live streams and videos.

Drop royalties

Boost support from fans by sharing master royalties with them. You decide the percentage and duration.

Grow with your fans

Gain new fans as your existing fans promote you. As fans propel you, they earn Beats that partake in your royalty drops.

Ready to connect and engage with passionate fans?


Your contributions shine

Your participation in the Enumma ecosystem gets rewarded with Stars. You can use Stars to boost your content, but you also get to keep them as badge of honor. Earning Stars will get harder as the ecosystem grows, so join in early and don’t miss out.

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